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About us



Our site was created by a group of enthusiasts wanting to enrich the Internet with quality base of links sorted by groups and activities, for personal and later needs of others, and in lack of sites with similar contents and conception. By these activities we wanted to partially neutralize lack of large world browsers and offer clearly visible and rich list of links that will assist anyone to easily and simply find what they want without redundant searching. In lack of quality sites with similar contents it was also our intention to effect development of national Internet, communications and present the world with our economy, culture, language and stimulate contacts between all economy participants and people from all countries.

Our current work tends in particular to promote interesting and authentic useful sites for as wider social groups as possible and sites with cultural and educational and humanitarian contents. We make an effort that our database doesn’t contain sites with illegal contents, immoral, sites promoting violence and intolerance, and with through their contents we want to promote all positive things offered by the Internet and modern technological development which is to be in function of humanity.

In previous period we’ve done so much on redesign of our site, graphic improvement, presenting links in detail and their quality description. Inactive links are periodically deleted, and the ones connected as often as possible.

Our website contain about 352.500 links toward sites and it is one of the largest database of this sort.



Support our website

Our moderate marketing sector fails to meet all our needs and realization of all goals, we hereby urge you to assist us with your donation of at least $3-10 (which will mean a lot to us). Your donation and new funds will effect our better organization and working conditions. In era of a crisis it would assist us to achieve the following goals faster:

- Much faster input of new (registered and found) links toward sites (at the moment several thousands are pending...)
- Improving description of all links (in sense of more quality description, listing registered places for all sites and better categorization)
- Opening some new specialized sites for other countries
- Improving design
- Improving in sense of faster load of our pages
- Marketing of the site itself in some other media
- Providing additional technical, legal conditions for better site operation and team that works on its management
- Covering regular expenditures of leasing a domain and hosting...
- Better presentation of links toward humanitarian actions and donations

We plan to inform our donors and friends periodically about developmental activities of our and your site on which all of us have been working for a long time and which, hopefully, exist in interest of all.

If you want to provide a financial aid to realization of previously listed goals and operation of our and your site, you can support of in one of the following ways:

Payment from abroad (any country in the world):


Our PayPal account:




Payment instructions for foreign allocations can be found at the following link: 

Payment through site
We have an account on Skrill ( ex moneybookers ), you can transfer the money onto our e-mail account:

We thank you in advance.

Kindest regards
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